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Alternative Treatment to Arthritis

Case Study by Gemma Quinn, 14th July 2005. Esther Midson was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis two and a half years ago. Living in Hertfordshire at the time her GP diagnosed medication to ease the pain but she said, “I wasn’t happy taking tablets so I took myself off them and learnt to live with it.” Originally […]

Who’s In Charge Of Your Health?

Just imagine what effects thoughts and emotions cause in our internal state. Recent studies by scientific researchers show a strong correlation between our emotional state and our immune systems. The relationship between brain wave activity and pulse rate, blood temperature, breath rate, galvanic skin emissions, pupil dilation, gastric flow and immune response is now well […]

The Power of Touch. Massage – Art or Science?

A client of mine, an internationally renowned actress, once said to me, there are two luxuries in life that “I cannot, and will not do without” they are my hair dresser and my massage therapist. She put both of these therapies at the top of her overall shopping list and quite rightly so. I must admit […]